Progressive things that Moffat has done.

1. Shown us our first regeneration that crossed racial lines (Mels to River) opening up the canonical possibility of future regenerations of the Doctor being played by non-white actors.

2. The first compainion (Amy Pond) to travel with the doctor while married, showing girls that marrige isn’t the end-game and life can continue afterwards.

3. The first lesbian couple on Doctor Who to have a recurring role (Vastra and Jenny).

4. Allowing a woman in her late forties (River Song) to not only be an action hero but a sex symbol. How many other women on TV can you think of that fit that description? In a time when the media is telling us that women are obselete passed a certain age, River is both appealing, useful and mature.

5. In addition to above having River be excited about her regeneration into a older woman.

6. Having Canton Everette Deleware’s sexuality not revealed until the very end of Day of the Moon, making his back-story make sense in retrospect but also allowing the audiece to make up their own opinions on his character without bias.

7. Having Liz Ten be a black woman, showing the possibility for interacial relationships within the royal family. Imaging someone suggesting that fifty years ago. Hell, imagine someone suggesting that ten years ago.

TL:DR. Moffat’s not perfect and he’s not unproblematic. But hell, he’s also done some pretty progressive stuff.